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  • cacao smoothey
  • basil
  • banana smoothie
  • cucumber & basil
  • fig and walnut pudding
  • energy soup with dulce
  • fruit with raspberry sauce
  • chia pudding with strawberries
  • beet root leaf
  • fermented and kale chips
  • kefer water
  • Peach almond shake with pineapple and sesame seed milk
  • red chili
  • mango & peaches
  • healthy salads
  • spiruline smoothie
  • Yarrow

You will need

Cut the zucchinis into spears and the chillis into small strips.

Pack the zucchini into the jars tightly, pushing small strips of garlic and chilli in between.

When the jar is packed tightly, half fill it with filtered water then top up with the lacto-fermented drink.

Leave it on your benchtop for 24-48 hours until it reaches your desired tanginess.

Store in the ‘fridge. It will keep for a couple of weeks.

Easy Pickled Zucchini