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Vanilla Chia

2 Tablespoons black or white chia seeds

2-3 cups almond milk (depending on how think you like your chia pudding)

1-2 teaspoons coconut palm sugar (or honey/maple syrup/agave/few drops stevia)

1 vanilla pod or a few drops natural vanilla essence

1. Put the chia seeds into a jar, add 1 cup almond milk, put the lid on and shake.

2. Soak overnight in the ‘fridge.

3. Add a vanilla pod to the rest of the almond milk and soak overnight.

4. Next day blend the vanilla pod with the almond milk and the palm sugar.

5. Strain out the bits of vanilla pod if you like, or leave them in (they’re a bit chewy)

6. Tip the soaked chai into a bowl and stir in enough vanilla almond milk to give it the consistency that you like.

7. Pour into bowls and sprinkle with cinnamon and palm sugar.


Add cacao/ powder and a little more sweetener for chocolate chia pudding.

Add fresh fruit eg mango or berries or soaked dried fruit.

Sweeten the almond milk with honey and add ginger for honey ginger flavour

Add chopped nuts or seeds for a more filling meal.

Use any other nut or seed milk, or rice/oat/(non GMO) soy milk.