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  • cacao smoothey
  • basil
  • banana smoothie
  • cucumber & basil
  • fig and walnut pudding
  • energy soup with dulce
  • fruit with raspberry sauce
  • chia pudding with strawberries
  • beet root leaf
  • fermented and kale chips
  • kefer water
  • Peach almond shake with pineapple and sesame seed milk
  • red chili
  • mango & peaches
  • healthy salads
  • spiruline smoothie
  • Yarrow

The best diet of all is high in simple unadulterated plant foods, eaten mostly or all raw. This way of eating satisfies one of the cornerstones of healthy eating, which is to eat predominantly alkaline foods

When you eat food in its natural, living state, you are taking in the life force of the plant, as well as the vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates.

Living foods provide nutrition of the highest form – vibrant, alive and the way nature created it.

Animals in the wild that eat natural raw foods do not have the level of chronic degenerative illness now experienced by humans and the pets that they we keep and feed. The ability of a 100% raw foods diet to achieve deep healing has been well documented, and a high raw diet of around 80% raw foods is a proven way to maintain health.

Living foods have their subtle energy fields intact and their nutrients are in the form created by nature.

When foods are heated (cooked) changes take place in their chemistry, making them less nutritious and often harder to digest. For example, when you cook proteins, you can only assimilate half of the protein present.

Living foods have enzymes and life force, and this contributes to the enhancement of our own life force. Many valuable nutrients are destroyed by cooking and in some cases, new substances are formed that are damaging to health.

Living foods nutrition requires us to learn new ways of food preparation, so that simple natural foods can be appreciated as they are, and  can be transformed into living creations that delight the palate.

See my recipes for ways to integrate more living food into your diet.