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This antioxidant rich smoothie makes a perfect breakfast accompanies by some fresh fruit. The combination of raw cacao, goji berries and brazil nuts creates a powerful super-smoothie that will give you energy and help to protect your cells from the pollutants of modern day life.

To make brazil nut milk

1 cup raw brazil nuts

2 cups filtered water

Place the brazil nuts into your blender with 2 cups water.

Blend well, then strain through a nut milk bag or fine sieve.

Return the nut pulp to your blender with another 2 cups water. Blend again and strain again, adding to what you have already collected.

To make the cacao smoothie

2 cups brazil nut milk

1 fresh or frozen ripe banana

1 heaping TB raw cacao powder

2 TB soaked goji berries

1 TB agave/raw honey/pure maple syrup

Blend everything together and enjoy this delicious smoothie!

Cacao Smoothie