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  • cacao smoothey
  • basil
  • banana smoothie
  • cucumber & basil
  • fig and walnut pudding
  • energy soup with dulce
  • fruit with raspberry sauce
  • chia pudding with strawberries
  • beet root leaf
  • fermented and kale chips
  • kefer water
  • Peach almond shake with pineapple and sesame seed milk
  • red chili
  • mango & peaches
  • healthy salads
  • spiruline smoothie
  • Yarrow

This requires a supply of frozen fresh fruit, cut into chunks.

Peel bananas and place whole or in pieces on a tray and freeze. Cut other fruits into chunks and freeze on trays. Freeze whole strawberries, mulberries or blueberries, even figs.

Once frozen the fruit can be bagged or put into a freezer container.

Almond Ice Cream

Experimentation will produce creations that by far excel the chemical laden commercial ice-creams, full of fat, flavours, sugar, gums and preservatives.

Frozen foods, while delicious, should not be eaten in large quantity, or too regularly. Very cold food shocks your stomach, and has to be warmed up to enable digestion. For this reason, avoid eating frozen foods after meals or other foods. Eat them slowly and alone, and allow time for digestion. This way, you keep your stomach happy as well as your palate!

Some delicious flavour combinations for healthy ice cream or smoothies are:

Cashew and apricot

Peach and almond

Sunflower seed, carob and ginger

Sesame seed and banana

Almond milk, banana and vanilla

Brazil nut milk with cacao, dates, and cinnamon