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  • cacao smoothey
  • basil
  • banana smoothie
  • cucumber & basil
  • fig and walnut pudding
  • energy soup with dulce
  • fruit with raspberry sauce
  • chia pudding with strawberries
  • beet root leaf
  • fermented and kale chips
  • kefer water
  • Peach almond shake with pineapple and sesame seed milk
  • red chili
  • mango & peaches
  • healthy salads
  • spiruline smoothie
  • Yarrow

“...it was a few years later in 1981, while working as a volunteer in Papua New Guinea, that the world of Wholistic Healing was opened up to me. I was lent a magazine that was dedicated to natural health, healing and living responsibly on our planet.

As I read the publication, article by article, I felt as if a light had been lit inside me, burning ever more strongly. As if I had no choice, I felt compelled to learn more.”

                                                                      -Elspeth Taimre

Elspeth Taimre, ND B Sc

“Time and again I have witnessed the healing power of naturopathy,  herbal medicine, essential oils, flower essences,  and the transformative power of purification programs.”

In clinical practice for over 18 years, Elspeth Taimre brings compassion, understanding and expertise to Herbology and Naturopath.

Learn more about Elspeth here.

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